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I love the truth and clarity. So I write.

I built a successful career as a writer while being an excellent Data Analyst. I love both my jobs. I identify as an utterly confused idealist before a color, gender, or sexual orientation. Do what you want with it.

I'm a daughter, a friend, a lover, an ex, and a dollop of grey matter controlling my body suit. Despite all that, I try to be as authentic as possible. I often skid into nihilism but haven't fallen into the abyss. yet.

I see stories, I tell them.

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A little more about me

I'm glad you asked. Here is me talking at length About me.

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Everything about moving to a new country and settling down. I live in Germany, I was born in India. All those stories.


Read about career plans in Data Analytics, how to be one, what to do next, and where to go.

Reasons to stay alive

Short stories, poetry, and all that drives me to stay alive.

Featured: Success Stories of Awesome People I've met

Sattvi: A successful small business story in Germany

The story of Viswatez and his successful business venture in Stuttgart.

Thefunnyauslander: An Anonymous Meme-maker’s Way to German TV

A story of immigration, internet-hate, and influencer success.

Gradvine: The Story of Returning to India and Building a Wildly Successful Start-up

The story of Suraj, Sreekar, and their million dollar venture.

The Story of Miss India 2020, Manasa Varanasi

An interview with Manasa’s family.

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Get ideas for your next Travel Destination

Bike, Hike, luxury, what not.

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Stories on Immigration and Immigrants

People who made it, dealing with Deutschland, Being immigrant.

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